The BardoWorks Group is pleased to announce an On-Line Workshop for Saturday, the 13th of May, 2000. This grouping is composed of many people who have worked for years with the Ideas of the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being (IDHHB) and with the ideas of E.J. Gold. This workshop will embody that Work.

The workshop will take place over the Internet in a special chamber, an on-line chat-space in real time where, with the aid of software, we will all be able to "see" and interact with each other. With the opening of this series of workshops, we who constitute the BardoWorks Group continue with our efforts which are dedicated to communicating to those who are willing and ready, the necessary tools with which to transform our ordinary existences into work-lives.

This workshop series is inspired by the ideas of E.J. Gold who is a living teacher and artist, residing in California. Mr. Gold's work spans over thirty years of working with groups, authoring books and hosting lectures and workshops in North America. He is best known for his work in revealing the Bardo teachings to the western world, through the American Book of the Dead. He is also author of The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus and Life in the Labyrinth, both of which are ground-breaking works in the realm of Work on Self and Transformational practices.

Mr. Gold's teaching focuses on a practical approach to Work on Self, utilizing the Invocation of one's Presence and the use of attention to alchemically awaken the human machine, creating the conditions for the Being to awaken and assume its rightful role as master of the house. These workshops, hosted by his students, will provide participants with practical opportunities to use these ideas in many ways, and will open doors which can lead to further study and application.

Drinking Coffee, Romanie Sanchez

It is a disease of our time that all these ideas have come to us so easily. On the one hand it is good to have them come easily, but on the other hand, it is bad if we assume that they have less value because of that. And worse if we overlook them because they are right in front of our face. You will find that the essential clue to unlocking the value of the ideas and techniques presented in this series of workshops lies in your personal ability to make use of this material in a practical way.

You and only you can judge if the material is presented in such a way that it is useful for you. Are you able to understand it and apply it to your personal situation? The only way to arrive at a logical conclusion about this is through the hands-on experience of working with these tools.

The Workshop will begin at 1830 European Time. To orient the folks from the Americas, this means 0930 California time, or 1230 New York time. The entire workshop is planned to run for 5 hours, the workshops will be given in sequence.

A list of the planned individual workshops:

One: Waking Up into Life: The Invocation of Presence Presented by Eric Feingold -- Eric is a European Study Group leader, Translator of many of the works of E.J. Gold, English Teacher and Farmer, residing in the Sierra de Huelva, Spain.

"If we can become conscious of our macrodimensional Presence, something in us will become different, we might even have the experience of realising that we are indeed, as they say, "In the Kingdom", and that our machine, our chemical factory has been switched ON. Using our Presence as a Sensing Apparatus and NOT the sensations of the Machine, is what will give us the possibility of seeing behind and beyond our visual hallucinations. The key to attention is self-invocation. Without self invocation there can be no real attention".

Two: Sensing and the Labyrinth Readers' Society Presented by Romanie Sánchez -- Romanie has been working with the Labyrinth Readers' Society material and the American Book of the Dead almost constantly since she came into contact with them two years ago, helping bring them into the Spanish speaking world. She currently lives in Ibiza, Baleares, Spain,

" In this workshop we will have the chance to experience the basic tools that the Labyrinth Readers' Society work with, to develop Presence and Attention in the building of a Sacred Space. We will all work together as a body to strengthen our sensing".

Three: Invocational Writing Presented by Matthias Schossig -- Matthias has been working with the school, and around E.J. Gold for the past eighteen years, and has translated several of Mr. Gold's works into German. He lives in Cologne, Germany, but is in the process of moving with his family to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California this summer.

"In this workshop we will explore the specific possibilities that a meeting in cyberspace will open up for us to sense our Beings in the machine while working together as a group. Since words and symbols are the only signals that are visibly obtainable in this space, we will perform an experiment to transcend the barriers of space and time, by working with language in an innovative group experiment".

Four: Attention and Chess: Using Chess for Inner Work Presented by Jason Roig -- Jason is a caucasian male biological machine, young, mentally destroyed, . . . hello!

"In this workshop the ancient game of chess will be used to facilitate the experience of group work and self-orientation under unusual conditions. Two groups of participants will have to struggle to function as organic units within a limited space-time framework, something which could be likened to a "combat situation" in the midst of a dense fog. Try and have a chessboard set up near the computer for this workshop"

Five: Objective Art: Using Art in One's Inner Work Presented by Della Heywood -- Della Heywood has worked closely with E.J. Gold for 23 years, particularly in the realm of art. A successful artist herself, she brings to this workshop her understanding of how to use art as a transformational practice, both for the artist and the viewer. The idea of Objective Art will be explored, and its awakening effect upon the Being. You may visit her preliminary website at

If your interest has been tweaked you may wish to attend this special event. To do so you will need to download the software called The Palace, available on this page:


Once the program is installed on your computer, to visit the chamber that we will be using, open the program, and on the program's toolbar click on "File", and on the dropdown menu click on "connect to a Palace", and in the little window that comes up called "connect", type in "" without the quotation marks, hit "enter" on your keyboard, and you should be taken to Cosmo Street, the site of the workshop.

If you wish to reserve your place in the workshop or if you have any questions about the workshop or about software configuration please do not hesitate to write to: eric arroba or nada0 arroba

There will be no charge for participation in this on-line workshop.

Information about the BardoWorks Group, what we do and what tools are available can be found at several websites:

Thank you for your attention, If you have managed to read this far, you have proven that your attention span exceeds that of the ordinary primate, and these workshops may turn out to be exactly what your Being needs at this time . . . You might actually be able to achieve a seamless entrance into Work technology . . .

Thank you for your attention, The Hosts of On-Line Workshop Series 1

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