Are you among the spiritually unemployed?
If you are, then we are about to make you an offer you won't be able to refuse:

1st European Convention
Practical Work on Self
 ~Real Work for the Spiritually Unemployed~

Ibiza, Spain -  on the 18th, 19th, 20th of February, 2000

Practical Details of Convention2000: Who, Where, When, How Much . . .?

The Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being (IDHHB) is holding its first European convention, with the participation of Patricia Elizabeth, Menlo Macfarlane, Scott Wellman, Lin Larsen, Lily Nova, David Christie, Matthias Schossig, Fabio Pellegrini and Eric Feingold, senior students of E.J. Gold who have studied with him during the past twenty years. At the convention there will be a multiplicity of means and methods which will give all who attend the possibility of real and direct experience of developing Presence and Attention. The basic tools which are required to approach the Work will be shown, like any professional with the correct tools, you will be able to walk the path which you alone choose. Walking this path is a process of self-initiation and depends entirely upon one's own initiative.

The letter which was sent out in November to folks on all continents announcing the Convention

A brief description of some of The Workshops

Moments of Freedom

Presented by Lily Nova

This workshop will offer the experience of sensing Moments of Freedom, the moments of time when we are fully present to ourselves, others and our surroundings, when our attention is at its peak. These moments occur periodically on a regular basis but usually pass by unnoticed in our rush to fulfill some task or achieve some previous plan. In an objective work of art, we can observe the product of Moments of Freedom. In this workshop we will discover these Moments of Freedom for ourselves.

Warming of the Soul

Presented by Menlo Macfarlane

This deeply rewarding workshop was originally created by E.J. Gold with Menlo Macfarlane as a method of dynamic self-initiation and transformation. Through music, movement and mask making, participants will return to the Essence moment of Wishing to Work and perform the Warming of the Soul ritual. This is a powerful workshop for those interested in working on themselves.

Objective Movements Workshop

Presented by Menlo Macfarlane

Intentional posture and gesture can be used as gateways to exalted states of consciousness. The system of movements developed by E.J. Gold focuses the attention of the moving center on specific objective postures, leaving the mental and emotional centers available for higher functioning. Participants will work to invocational music Composed and played by Mr. Gold which has the effect of bringing the listener into resonance with higher planes.

Terminal Midwifery – Coaching & Guiding

Presented by Patricia Elizabeth

Talk and Demonstration on the BARDOS: The trick is to bring all of the parts of reality into one’s present consciousness, and to be not only aware of the simultaneous existence of birth, death and the voyage in the labyrinth without attachment in every moment, but also to build up one’s tolerance for experiencing these conditions in every moment.

Singing Bells and Objective Prayer

Presented by David Christie

Playing Tibetan singing bowls is a simple yet powerful technique for voyaging Beyond our ordinary state of mind, and entering and directly experiencing the Bardos. In this workshop, you will learn how to play a singing bowl, how to use the singing bowl to train and focus your attention, and how to engage all three centers while playing the bowl to perform a form of Objective Prayer.

Strategy for a Work Life

A Problem-Solving Discourse

A panel discussion with IDHHB staff, moderated by David Christie

In this workshop you will participate in a form of group work called "invocational discourse". You will have the opportunity to ask practical questions about your Work life and the problems you are encountering; the panel will guide a discussion exploring those problems in the context of this underlying question: "What strategies should I follow to lead a successful Work life?"

. . . Plus Other Events . . .


This convention is an introduction to a method of practical work on self, based on the use of the objective tools - the power of attention and presence. The method stands independent of belief structure or philosophy; the Work surpasses any intellectual, emotional or physical basis, it just uses them as the means for voluntary evolution. In practical work on self we learn to use the machine's own devices as the keys to transformation.

You will be confronted with exercises and experiments designed to help you focus on what the Work is, and how to accomplish it. All that is necessary for the process to move ahead is Presence and Attention, which we already possess.

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