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Lily Nova was fascinated by art from an early age. As she grew up she set her eye on becoming a fashion designer seeing that clothing design was also art. She wanted to design beautiful, comfortable clothes that women would enjoy wearing. Ms. Nova trained at Chouinard Art Institute, U.C.L.A., and L.A. Trade Tech. In the summers she worked at a bathing suit boutique at Santa Monica Canyon Beach designing and making some of the first surfing wear for both beach combers and movie stars.

In 1965, after a four year apprenticeship at Lanz of California and a year designing dresses for her own company, Lily moved to New York City, the fashion capital of the country, and soon began designing and manufacturing dresses under her own label. She had buyers from all the major department stores in the country as well as doing special projects for celebrities and a theater-dance company.

During this period Ms. Nova was also actively involved with a Fourth Way School in New York City, the Arica Institute, founded by Oscar Ichazo. In 1975 she went to France and helped organize a six-week training for them and another training the following year in England. She returned to New York a few years later and met E.J. Gold, the founder of The Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being. She began working with him by starting a study group in New York and planning workshops where Mr. Gold could come and teach. With a small group of very interested people she helped produce three conventions and numerous weekend workshops that attracted several hundred people.

In 1985 Ms. Nova retired from fashion design and moved to Northern California to volunteer her time with The Museum of Ancient and Modern Art and to work with IDHHB. She has been a partner in The Truffle Shop, a gourmet chocolate shop in Nevada City, California since that time and has been actively working with E.J. Gold. In 1995 she published a book titled, Interrupted Lives, Four Women’s Stories of Internment During World War II in the Philippines.