Fabio Pellegrini

In the seventies, Fabio Pellegrini founded the Tarahumara Group, an experimental free jazz orchestra and performed with it as a saxophone player in Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland. He performed with Noah Howard, Mohammed Ali, Don Cherry and Donald Rafael Garrett. In the Eighties he traveled to India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Turkey, widening the range of his experience with several musical instruments, and finally estabilishing his passion for the Ney, the Turkish flute used by the Maulawwiyah Sufi Order. He studied this instrument with the jazz musician Donald Rafael Garrett and with the Mevlevi Neyzen Sencer Derya, giving concerts and workshops with this instrument.

The Pellegrinis with Sencer Derya in Konya, Turkey

His interest in the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff brought Fabio to find a practical application of "the ideas" in the school founded by E.J. Gold in the U.S.A., the I.D.H.H.B.; his machine got him to California to help in translating and selling transformational books (as you can see in the photo below, in Berkeley, CA), as well as developing necessity using the internet, in the form of web management and experimentation with videogaming, as a spiritual tool.

Fabio Pellegrini is the Italian translator of E.J. Gold's The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus, the first book of this author to appear on the Italian market.